Evaporation is an integral part of chemistry research and the de facto instrument is the Rotary Evaporator, also known as Rotovap. However, problems such as bumping, difficulty removing DMSO / DMF and working with small sample volumes can delay or even prevent your research and cannot be completely avoided, no matter how careful you may be.


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Bumping is caused by samples being heated under vacuum in a closed environment- any slight change in temperature or pressure can cause your sample to erupt and get sucked up, sometimes in its entirety.  

With Vacuum Vortex Evaporation, samples are rapidly stirred in a liquid vortex created by rapid airflow; though the airflow is driven by vacuum pump, this is done at atmospheric pressure, which prevents bumping altogether. With this technology, one can evaporate the sample without constant attention.

Small Sample Sizes

Take a 

Concentrating small volume samples can be difficult, if not impossible with a rotovap.  Transferring and scraping the sample out of the evaporating flask can not only be difficult, but time-consuming, leading to sample loss, loss of time and contamination risk.

With Smart Evaporator, samples can be evaporated directly in the vial, allowing the smallest volumes and making the process quick and seamless.  Simply place the sample in the vial, and solvents can be removed, while resulting in high recovery rates and low contamination risks.

No Bumping

The Evaporation Solution

As outlined above, common issues with rotary evaporators such as bumping, slow evaporation times and difficulty with small samples can be eliminated with the solution-by-design Smart Evaporator.
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"[we are evaporating] final compounds after purification by Flash Chromatography, HPLC, SPE and after Crystallization too. Before [Smart Evaporator], we had to use a standard Rotary Evaporator, it was not easy to do. We made a special adapter to fit the vials onto the Rotary Evaporator but contamination and bumping was a serious issue. The Smart Evaporator almost totally eliminates these issues." 

Dr. Tom McInally, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

"[The Smart Evaporators] are commonly employed in isolating synthetic intermediates, and recovering NMR samples from solution, including those containing DMSO. The Smart Evaporators not only help with our workflow, but importantly are quick and easy to use, require little or no maintenance, and occupy only a small footprint within a fumehood." 
Dr. Graham M. Wynne, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

"We synthesize samples at small volume, evaporate the solvent, and then carry out elemental analysis or NMR to understand the structure. With the Smart Evaporator, It’s easy to handle small samples. I don’t have to transfer many times, and efficiency has been much improved by having less sample loss." 

Prof. Miki Hasegawa, Aoyoma Gakuin University, Japan

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Evaporation Problems and the Solution.

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Vacuum Vortex Evaporation, the technology behind the Smart Evaporator, was created to address common issues with rotovaps and other evaporators- let’s take a look at how this new technology provides a solution to these problems.

Though their high solubility make them ideal candidates for organic synthesis, researchers are aware of the difficulty in removing DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) and DMF (Dimethylformamide), which take a very long time, if not almost impossible to evaporate using rotovaps and other methods.

Through rapid spiral air flow and heat, solvents are volatilized and quickly evaporated.  Even high-boiling point DMSO and DMF can be evaporated under these conditions, making it possible to use these very useful solvents in synthesis and sample recovery.

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